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Winner, Best Short Horror Film, Fangoria Blood Drive II short film competition. Distributed worldwide on DVD via Koch Vision and Fangoria.

"Scary, cool, and straight to the point. A great little masterpiece that should be part of short horror film history. -Horror

A study in modern-day apathy. Extremely cringe-inducing. The sound design is particularly noteworthy. I have not seen any short films of this caliber recently, but if there are any out there as powerful and disturbing as Mainstream, viewers will feel unsettled for quite a while afterwards. -Elaine Lamkin, Bloody

A fully realized 9 minute eclectic short retro-feeling gem. Luckily, writer/director Adam Barnick is all old school and the jarring result is marvelous. -Jonathan Hickman, Entertainment Insiders

Barnick uses creative camera placement to draw the audience into a very dark place filled with tension and dread..nowadays, the horror genre demands a sharp edge from indie filmmakers and Mainstream delivers in a fashion that could easily make PG 13 horror obscure if expanded upon.

An excellent achievement. Smart, and very well-made. The FX were first rate and well-conceived technically and metaphorically. -Jeremiah Kipp, Fangoria

Cool and very creepy..Impressive FX! -Michael Gingold, Fangoria

It's very well done and looks great..I know moves when I see them, and Barnick has ‘em in spades. -DVD Verdict

This masterfully-edited set piece makes for an intense viewing experience. Barnick’s bizarre ending also provides a memorably haunting coda. Smart special effect and sound design complement the efficient cinematography. Its professional sheen is SyFy channel promo-worthy. -Monsters at

Visually haunting and crisply shot..balances arresting images with a fine economy of expression. This clinically disturbing flick gives us more to think about in right minutes than most films do in eighty. Both thoughtful and disquieting, this is anything but mainstream. -Matthew Sanderson,

Glimpses of Hellraiser, Jacob’s Ladder and Takashi Miike-esque imagery thrown into a TOOL video without the music and high on the cringe meter makes this a slick, nasty little piece of celluloid. People were still talking about this one two days into the (NYC Horror Film) Festival. A must-see, superior short film. -Icons of

A haunting, mind-bending thriller. -Innocent Words Magazine

Like some nightmarish cross between Whitley Streiber’s Communion and Nacho Cerda’s Aftermath. Features some truly brutal moments of industrial medical shock, that prove skilled filmmakers don’t need buckets of blood to unsettle even the most jaded of viewers. Its non-linear approach only makes the dreadful nature of the short that much more compelling. – Tex Massacre, The Hacker’s Source

This one is called Mainstream but the tight directorial style and scathing social commentary of Adam Barnick makes sure that this one is anything but… Barnick utilizes only two sets, four characters, a myriad of torturous devices and only one line of dialogue to get his point across. Many filmmakers cannot accomplish that feat with million dollar budgets and all the effects Hollywood has to throw at them. In only eight minutes, Barnick manages to drag us into his world for a visceral wakeup call. His use of light and camera moves are never wasted and nothing is there that doesn’t intend. Once again, simplicity wins. A film that will definitely stay with you for hours after it’s done, making you think about what you’ve just seen and quite possibly, question your way of life. It’s cool, sterile, confusing, engaging, mesmerizing, thought provoking and just short of cinematic brilliance.