Adam Barnick attended New York's School of Visual Arts for filmmaking, while working in production and special effects for theater and independent films.

As a writer/director, Adam’s short film Mainstream has played seven international festivals and opened the New York City Horror Film Festival’s theatrical screenings its year of release. Fangoria Magazine and Koch Vision acquired it for worldwide distribution on their FANGORIA BLOOD DRIVE II: America's Best Short Horror Films DVD, distributed around the world. That same year Adam was named 'One of the top 5 genre filmmakers to watch in 2006 and beyond' by The Horror Newsletter. Mainstream was voted one of the top 5 horror films of the year by the editor of Horror-Movies.ca, as well as being featured in numerous print, radio and online articles on the top genre websites.

His company Wicked Tree Films has collaborated with IFC Films and IFC Midnight, Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz Home Entertainment, Shout! Factory, Glass Eye Pix, ArieScope Pictures, Mind's Eye International, Crimson Films, Fortuneteller Films, A Bigger Boat.

Branching out into behind-the-scenes documentaries and DVD/Blu-Ray/online content, he has edited, produced, directed and shot featurettes in the past several years for the short film and feature-length versions of Paul Solet's award-winning GRACE; the horror prequel Malevolence: Bereavement, the true-story drama Aaron Bacon, Adam (The Hatchet series, Spiral, Holliston) Green's survival thriller FROZEN, and Paul Solet's DARK SUMMER as well as online featurettes for the genre films of Larry Fessenden. This past Summer Adam directed and edited mini-featurettes for the upcoming chiller ITSY BITSY, which aided the production team in raising the last needed funds for post-production. Larry Fessenden’s newest feature DEPRAVED will be the next feature to showcase Adam’s documentary work.

The DVD extras/documentaries for GRACE have received acclaim from genre fans and DVD reviewers the world over, with the DVD winning "Best Indie Disc" at the 2010 Reaper Awards. FROZEN's Extras were nominated for "Best DVD Extras" in the 2011 Reaper Awards, alongside such heavyweights as The Walking Dead, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Alien Anthology. FROZEN has become Anchor Bay's top-selling original Blu-Ray and DVD.

Adam directed his first 35mm music video, SAY YOU'LL STAY for singer/songwriter John Presnell in 2012, which won the Director's Showreel Award in Lomography's Dramatic Competition for videos shot with their unique cameras. He followed it up with two back-to-back music videos for Rivulets, released the following year. The horror-themed period piece "How, Who" was being featured on the front page news of the major horror-related websites soon after its release. His music video for singer/songwriter Kathy Zimmer was released in 2015, followed by the mind-bending stock footage/VFX mashup music video PILLS, again for John Presnell.  Influential music blog SYFFAL hailed PILLS as "The creepiest, most on fucking point music video I've ever seen...the video just drives it home in a way I haven't seen before." 

As a screenwriter he has several projects in active development, including the feature-length version of MAINSTREAM, and done script consultation/coverage as a freelancer as well as for the IFP.

As an editor-only, Adam has recently specialized in behind-the-scenes documentaries, music videos, short films, social media promos and actors’ reels, bringing a decade of professional experience and creativity to showcasing others’ talents.

Online, Adam has contributed articles, reviews and interviews for the websites Entertainment Insiders, Blumhouse and Icons of Fright.